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Molly Slattery 2 days ago

Spaghetti and Mama DeCarli's Meatballs

Best meal ever! The pasta is so fresh and you can tell it's homeade. The sauce is hearty and the meatballs are the best I've ever had. The best part is that I always have leftovers to enjoy the next day.

Kstratford25 7 days ago

Veal or Double Breasted Chicken Milanese

Chicken Milenese was delicious. Large portions with plenty of leftovers . Rice and broccoli was cooked just right to go with the chicken . New favorite dish

Sherwoods16 22 days ago

Mezzi Rigatoni Bolognese

I have spent years trying to copy this bolognese recipe because everyone in my family loves it! I'm getting close, but I have to check back in regularly to compare (or so I tell my husband.) The staff is fantastic - its definitely our go-to date night spot.

Phil.Studley about 1 month ago

Eggplant Involtini

A great dish to share for 2 people. The tomato sauce is great by itself too. Make sure to get all of the components together in one bite. I've gotten it as a takeout sometimes, and it is still crispy when I get home. Really good.

Jangreeley about 1 month ago

Eggplant Parmesan

Not sure if I will ever be able to order anything but this spectacular version of eggplant parmesan. I usually order seafood and avoid pasta, but I can't wait to indulge in this dish again. Unusual with the truffle butter. Other members of my family ordered chicken and veal parmesan and were more than satisfied as well. Also have to mention the service was outstanding! Looking forward to a return visit.

Reneegagne720 about 1 month ago


1st time here last week 7/30/19 very pleasant experience from the atmosphere, service & food choices which were Cesar salad, fried calamari and the evenings special pizza. Can't wait to go back- fancy place with comfortable atmosphere and great food & service.

Jenniferkorn212 about 2 months ago

Diced Red & Yellow Tomato

This pizza is amazing, love the addition of the balsamic vinegar. It's also huge so I always have leftovers.

Devika 2 months ago

Hearts of Romaine Caesar Salad

The Dressing is TDF

Ljgeaney 2 months ago

Roasted Local Cod

We had a birthday dinner last night. Everyone working there was so friendly and helpful. I had elderly parents with me. Our server Bridget was so sweet and kind!! We all enjoyed our meals, the roasted Cod was fabulous. The food was amazing and the atmosphere was perfect.

Guest 3 months ago

Mezzi Rigatoni Bolognese

I ordered "Mezzi Rigatoni Bolognese" last night and agree with Mod. The "slight taste of cinnamon" puts a perfect spin on this traditional dish. Loved it. Thanks Caffe Tosca

Shayna.Baker 3 months ago

Eggplant Parmesan

Where to begin.. there's never been an eggplant dish that does what this one does. The Eggplant Parmesan is an Explosion of textures and flavors. The buttery homemade pasta is perfectly paired with delicately breaded eggplant, topped with melted buffalo mozzarella, a spicy authentic marinara to die for and delectable truffle oil drizzle, This dish hits every sense & is hands down one of the best I've ever had. To that point, there's not a dish here that disappoints. This authentic Italian spot with a modern touch is humbly and without question the best restaurant on the South Shore. Shayna Baker

Mod 3 months ago

Chicken Saltimbocca

The chicken saltimbocca at Caffe Tosca is delicious. The combination of prosciutto, sage, and marsala sauce is outstanding.

Tjebbs 3 months ago

Skirt Steak

This is a fantastic skirt steak but my only recommendation is to order it more well done than you normally would i.e. medium rare was still quite rare. The truffle fries and arugula salad are it comes with are delicious as well.

Mod 3 months ago

Mezzi Rigatoni Bolognese

The bolognese is AMAZING! I really enjoyed the slight taste of cinnamon or nutmeg that is in the dish. The margarita pizza is also very good. It is unique to find a thin crust brick oven baked pizza, this is a real stand out item.

Alyssalbarone 4 months ago

Fried Calamari

Delicious! Will definitely get again!

Aspang1 4 months ago

Beet Salad

The beet salad is fantastic. A generous serving of perfectly cooked beets complimented with the right right amount of arugula, sprinkled with yummy goat cheese, topped with pecans and all enjoyed with a delicious lemon balsamic dressing - the best!

Emilyisbell92 4 months ago


Caffe Tosca is amazing! Love the food, location and atmosphere inside. Great place for dinner with family, friends or a work outing. I highly recommend Caffe Tosca to anyone who has never been!

Klincregan 4 months ago

CT Burger

The CT Burger is hands down the best around! Their bolognese is equally as good. Actually you can't go wrong with anything from Caffee Tosca!

Wurthit 5 months ago

Eggplant Parmesan

The eggplant is always cooked perfectly and tastes great, plus the pasta is so fresh and tasty. Their food is always the best and my grandparents have been going to cafe tosca for decades! Highly recommended, theres something delicious for all pallets!

Kim.Vranas 5 days ago

Mezzi Rigatoni Bolognese

Cafe Tosca Mezzi Rigatoni Bolognese outshines all others from the South Shore to North of Boston and including the North End. I consider myself an bolognese aficionado and will order whenever it is on the menu. No others that I have tried can compare to that prepared by the amazing chefs at Cafe Tosca. This is the gold standard.

Lboyle2010 12 days ago

Mezzi Rigatoni Bolognese

My favorite bolognese ever! (Also my favorite restaurant). Delicious without fail every time!

Lindyhfitzgerald 26 days ago

Grilled Salmon

Love that it's healthy, low carb, and so so good. The veggies are so much better than you expect them to be!

Mnauyokas11 about 1 month ago

Mezzi Rigatoni Bolognese

The best Bolognese my family has ever had! Other favorites are the Salmon and the pizzas which I am ordering tonight for my daughters.

Queenra23 about 1 month ago

Mezzi Rigatoni Bolognese

One of our favorite places!! We love everything on the menu but bolognese is one that my whole family loves. Best I've ever had! Always consistently great!

Charkins1228 about 2 months ago

Double Breasted Chicken or Veal Parmesan

Very delicious! This is my go to meal when I go here and it never disappoints. The chicken and sauce are to die for!!

Amy.Runk 2 months ago

Double Breasted Chicken or Veal Parmesan

Chicken parm. Had the most amazing chicken parm with some of your homemade tomato sauce —— soooo delish! Best chicken parm ever.

A.Shanahan93 2 months ago

Mezzi Rigatoni Bolognese

I have to say, I've never been disappointed eating a single meal here and recommend Caffe Tosca to any visiting friends or family. My ultimate favorite/comfort food has to be the bolognese. I have tried recreating it at home many times without success, so I keep coming back for more. Highly recommend this dish to anyone that thinks they've had good bolognese before - I assure you this will top it!

Jmf119sto 2 months ago

Veal or Double Breasted Chicken Milanese

Delicious! This dish is one of my favorites. The chicken is tender and flavorful. The saffron risotto is creamy and the broccolini is cooked just right!

Alison.Ball 3 months ago

Skirt Steak

Tender and delicious. Served with amazing truffle fries. I actually got this as a take out dish and it "travelled" well! I also got the Caesar salad and it has a nice twist with olives and tomatoes. Highly recommend Caffe Tosca!

Boopawalsh 3 months ago

Eggplant Involtini

I've been to Caffe Tosca an endless amount of times. I have NEVER been disappointed and I've tried most of the items on the menu. The service is top notch whether you are sitting at the bar or a table! Whenever we are going out to dinner and discussing spots to go, we always end up at Caffe Tosca. Even when we try to plan to try somewhere else, we never do because Caffe Tosca is a guarantee!

Caroline.Helfrich 3 months ago

CT Burger

Phenomenal. The truffle flies accompanied it so well and the flavors in the burger meshed so well together. The bun with the logo toasted on top is a great touch.

John.Connelly21 3 months ago

Wild Mushroom

I am usually not a mushroom fan but this pizza may have made me a converter! Fresh mushrooms and perfect amount of cheese made this pie exquisite!

Rdeluca 4 months ago

Fried Calamari

very good, crisp and fresh

Ejm1026 4 months ago

Lobster Tagliatelle

The lobster tagliatelle is by far my favorite dish on the south shore. The flavors mend so well together and I've never gone wrong with this order. You can taste the fresh of all ingredients. love!

Kmfpw7 4 months ago

Lobster Tagliatelle

I have had many of the menu offerings over the years and have never been disappointed. If you want a dependable(and isn't that what we all seek) restaurant with great atmosphere, staff and food, this is the place for you and all your friends!!!

Lee 4 months ago

Fried Calamari

Caffe Tosca is my favorite restaurant on the south shore! Everything I get there is amazing whether it's the filet, pizza, pasta, burger or any of the apps. The calamari is the best I've ever had and definitely my favorite! The best thing about CT is the consistency and the staff.

Cortney 5 months ago

Sweet Italian Sausage

Our family of four - all picky eaters with different tastes go absolutely nuts over the sausage & pepper pizza. It's unbelievable. Next level. Delish.

Guest 6 months ago

Seared Rare Tuna Steak

So so good, my favorite dish the only thing I've ever ordered on the menu!


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